World Cup Special: Introducing The Podcast

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News • Nov 21, 2022

World Cup Special: Introducing The Podcast

A new sort of World Cup calls for a new sort of goalkeeper commentary. The Podcast is live…

This year's World Cup might feel different, and indeed it is. But that doesn't meant the football will stop, and we doubt the terrible goalkeeping takes from studio (and bedroom) pundits will either. 

Fear not, however. We're determined to cut through the noise. is proud to announce the Podcast, beginning with a specialist World Cup run. The podcast will be presented in audio and video format, allowing you to see the facts, stats, graphs, and gloves that we discuss during the episode. Over the course of the tournament in Qatar, expect to see:

  • Goalkeeper-xG analysis explained live by Dr John Harrison 
  • Coverage of key talking points alongside expert educators
  • Guests from up and down the football pyramid giving their perspective on the tournament's biggest moments
  • Shoutouts and the chance for YOUR opinion to be featured
  • Expert analysis and insight from coaches and players at an elite level 

In our preview episode, hosted by's Sam Hudspith and Dr John Harrison, you'll hear about: 

  • Our picks for the best goalkeeping department, golden glove winner, and the surprise packages
  • The Glove Table: which glove brand dominates in Qatar, and which are making a surprise appearance?
  • Penalties: according to Goalkeeper-xG, which goalkeepers are most likely to come up big from the spot?

…and much more. 

So, whether you want to know whether your goalkeeper should have claimed that cross, made that save, or perhaps, could have spared himself a red face, we'll have you covered. 

Want us to talk over a World Cup goalkeeper moment you just can't get out of your head? The pub debate that will never end? The numbers to back your opinion before you press ‘Tweet’? Get in touch with Sam and John via [email protected] or interact on social media/send us a DM.  

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