Nick Pope and Carlos Acevedo Leave Fans In Awe: The Stoplight, Episode #1

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News • Feb 16, 2023

Nick Pope and Carlos Acevedo Leave Fans In Awe: The Stoplight, Episode #1

Showcasing a selection of the best saves from across the world each week. 


Red curtain raised. Tape left behind. Stoppers serving to brilliantly ruin the script. Anti-football art forms. These aren't just ‘for the camera'…but, let's face it: they'd look good on the silver screen. 

[NARRATOR]: And we're back. The Stoplight - our weekly instalment shining a light on the best saves spotted throughout the web, across the world - opens with two stellar goalkeeping clips to to begin the showreel. 

This week, we travel to:

Mexico Location image.png


Your Goalkeeper: Carlos Acevedo (Santos Laguna)

Fixture: Juarez vs Santos Laguna

League: LigaBBVA MX

Final Score: Juarez 3-1 Santos Laguna

Date: 12th February 2023

Location: Estadio Corona - Torreón, Coahuila, México

CUE: And, your save…

[Narrator]: On the other side of the Atlantic, England's number two became public enemy number one in Bournemouth when he denied a Dominic Solanke header destined for the bottom corner of the Magpies' net. Without further ado, to England…

England Location image.png


Goalkeeper: Nick Pope (Newcastle United)

Fixture: AFC Bournemouth vs Newcastle United

League: Premier League

Final Score: AFC Bournemouth 1-1 Newcastle United

Date: 11th February 2023

Location: Vitality Stadium - Bournemouth, Dorset, England

CUE: And, your save…

[NARRATOR]: Nick Pope continues to make it hard for Gareth Southgate to deny him a proper go at the national team spot, with Newcastle flying high under Eddie Howe and securely backstopped by the English giant. But we shouldn't get bogged down in Premier League centrism - both sides of the pond produced equally phenomenal goalkeeping moments this weekend. 

Avecedo's netted castle may not have remained  entirely secure at the Estadio Corona, but he wasn't relinquishing his kingdom without a fight. Producing the impossible and not getting just reward; it's the story of our life, eh Carlos? 

That's all we have time for today. See you next week, when we put another bunch of gloved auditionees in the stoplight. 


If you see a save that deserves its moment in the stoplight, send in a link to official footage of it on social media via [email protected]

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