The Tallest And Smallest Goalkeepers In Each Top League

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News • Mar 22, 2023

The Tallest And Smallest Goalkeepers In Each Top League

Which goalkeepers are giants of the box, and who relies more on spring and power?

Height is a polarising topic in goalkeeping. Young goalkeepers are often still hindered at academy level for not meeting growth pathways at young ages. ‘Good feet for a big lad’ continues to be a phrase thrown at many taller ballplaying shot-stoppers, who can be unfairly stereotyped as ‘traditional goalkeepers’. 

It's undoubted that added height, to an extent, can aid a goalkeeper. Height factors into presence around the box, a natural advantage in reach, and even an added self-confidence over physical ability as goalkeepers work their way through the age groups.

Naturally, a lack of height in all of the aforementioned areas can be compensated for. Some of the greatest goalkeepers of all time have been much smaller than a Thibaut Courtois or Peter Schmeichel. Indeed, Iker Casillas stood around six feet tall; Dino Zoff likewise. Chelsea legend Peter Bonetti was around 5'9 in stature. Fabian Barthez, 5'11. 

But who stands tallest and shortest in the current top global leagues? 

The Premier League

1 (2).png

Serie A

TallestShortest GK in Major Leagues.png

La Liga



2 (1).png

Ligue 1

3 (1).png



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