The Month Of gLove: 2.0 Is Coming

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News • Feb 14, 2023

The Month Of gLove: 2.0 Is Coming

A labour of gLove…

Happy Valentine's Day to all goalkeepers out there!

Some people will be looking forward to the chance to spend some quality time with their significant other. Others will be treating themselves to a bit of self-love. 

As goalkeepers, we know what it's like to be alone, and away from the action. We do it for ninety minutes, come rain or shine, every week. 

So, we're putting this Valentine's Day to good use, for the betterment of goalkeepers everywhere.

What better day to launch a passion project - a labour of gLove, you might say - than Valentine's Day?

We're excited to announce that 2.0 is nearing completion, and will be ready to open up to you in the coming weeks.

The only thing is, we don't see why goalkeepers - after years of playing the role of the wingman, setting others up (sidewinder or otherwise) before having to be the friend to fall back on after a failed attempt to score (on and off the pitch) - should only get one day of gLove. 

So let's make it a month instead. Join us for [rest] of the Month of gLove - live from today - as we run up to our next milestone!

What will 2.0 be? 2.0 will become an all-in-one hub for goalkeepers. Continuing the foundations we've built with our content output and the work of Goalkeeper-xG in pushing goalkeeping into the future, we will first launch the Goalkeeper Marketplace (our online store) and then a benefit-laden Goalkeeper Lifetime Membership programme. 

If you're a brand who wants to sell on the Marketplace, or anybody else who feels they could contribute to pushing goalkeepers into the future alongside us, email [email protected] (for brands) and [email protected] (for general enquiries). 

And, if this read has your attention, sign up for updates using this form: 

So, keep your eyes peeled. We'll have more news for you soon. 

With gLove, 

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