Gloves On Podcast Joins

News • Jun 15, 2022

Gloves On Podcast Joins

Markus Sundin and Alexander Brems of the Gloves On Podcast join the team… are delighted to announce a partnership with the Gloves On Podcast, hosted by Markus Sundin and Alexander Brems. 

Over the last two years, Markus and Alex have spoken with goalkeeping coaches, glove makers, psychologists and professional goalkeepers themselves from around the world. As the podcast embarks on its fourth season, approaching its 100th episode, Gloves On have formed an exclusive partnership with to expand the conversation around goalkeeping in a new age. 

In the inaugural episode of the new season, Markus and Alex were joined by Brendan Roslund, Chief Operations Officer at, and Sam Hudspith, Director of Narrative, to discuss the new website and's free-to-download children's book, The Keepers' Call. 

You can listen to the first episode here.

Markus, speaking about the partnership, explained that ‘Alex and I started this podcast adventure back in 2020 with no expectations at all - just a shared passion for our position. Here we are 90 episodes later, several well-known voices in the goalkeepers’ union have come onto the podcast, and a whole lot of new knowledge has been gained.

“It is with passion and excitement that we are ready to kick off season 4 of the Gloves On Podcast in partnership with This partnership will take the podcast to new heights. It's a journey you do not want to miss out on, so always remember one thing; put on your gloves. GLOVES ON!”.

From the operations desk at, Chief Operations Officer Brendan Roslund added 'to say that we are thrilled to add the gloves on Podcast to would be an understatement. We are on a mission to connect and share goalkeeper perspectives from around the world and Alex and Markus have done a fantastic job. We can’t wait to take them into their 100th episode and beyond!". 


Who do you want to hear on the podcast for the 100th episode?

Director of Narrative Sam Hudspith said ‘it’s great to have Markus and Alex joining the journey. Through the Gloves On Podcast, we can bring a more international perspective to, as well as open up new outreach avenues to gain exclusive insight into goalkeeping at the top level for our listeners. 

‘We’re looking forward to taking the podcast to new heights alongside Markus and Alex, beginning with a new, distinctive brand identity. The Gloves On Podcast has huge potential and I'm excited to work with them to shape the show further'.

Markus and Alex have both followed a unique, global goalkeeping path. Both hailing from Denmark, they currently play college football in the USA. 

Alex, speaking to the news desk, gave a further insight into the creation of the podcast. 

'Markus and I went live on Instagram one day together, and afterwards, we were like, "let's start a podcast!". Immediately after, we started doing our research and began our journey. It was baby steps in the beginning, being new to hosting, editing and posting on social media. But, we got a hand of it fairly quickly and haven't looked back since. 

‘We’ve done 90 episodes now, meaning 90 new opportunities to learn and share information from some of the finest goalkeepers, goalkeeper coaches and sports psychologists. Now starting season 4, has our back, and we couldn't be more excited to see how we can develop this podcast and fulfil our ambition to help goalkeepers, coaches and enthusiasts all over the world'.

Are you doing something cool in the goalkeeping space? Reach out to the Gloves On team via email at [email protected]

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