The Top Six 2022/23 Goalkeeper Kits

By Alice Leon

News • Aug 8, 2022

The Top Six 2022/23 Goalkeeper Kits

Which of the new season's goalkeeper jerseys made it onto the shot-stopping CATwalk? 

*Favourite kits picked by the team*

Starting off this catwalk is the cool-toned VFB Stuttgart’s 2022/23 goalkeeper kit, sponsored by Mercedes-Benz Bank. Not over-complicated in any sense, Stuttgart’s away kit features a calming green, broken up by medium sized squares to give the shirt a subtle pixelated effect. 

Contrasted only against a black bar bearing the Mercedes logo and black stripes on the sleeves, as well as the black badge and writing, this shirt carries artistic simplicity that achieves a somewhat pleasing feel to the eye. Exceedingly similar to the away variation, the home kit offers an identical template with a filling of moderate orange rather than cool green, with the same pixelated effect that throws in alternating squares of light and dark orange.  

Second up, on an opposite note to the minimalist approach of Stuttgart, the 2022/23 Aldershot goalkeeper kit has brought forward a design that emanates a composition of complex patterns. Looking like a tessellation example from a geometry textbook, Aldershot’s home kit consists of a repeating chessboard pattern crossed with thin bars, sticking to a colour scheme of black, orange and varying shades of purple. 

The away kit boasts a similarly complex pattern, yet strikingly different in terms of shapes and colour. Scattered with green triangles on a purple background, similar to how the the away shirt bears multi-directional stripes that resemble the scratch marks of a large beast. What the two kits do have in common is the slightly glaring white logo of their sponsor, Bridges Estate Agents. 

Made from recycled polyester knit fabric and coming in with a trick of the eye is Everton’s 2022/23 goalkeeper kit: a hypnotic wavy pattern of black and green stripes. With a slightly retro-esque vibe to this shirt, it carries with it the essence of a 70s disco mixed with liquorice sweets, contorting into an outfit worthy of the DC villain “Mad Hatter”. 

Unlike Stuttgart’s sponsor logo, Everton’s “” seems to fit right in with the wacky pattern of the shirt, despite the backlash against betting sponsors in recent years. It is displayed in a fun font that twists and turns horizontally across the mirage of black/green jersey. In fact, the only thing of note that does stick out from the kit is the Everton badge, which forgivably cannot be changed to fit in with a temporary design.

A slightly anti-climatic visual compared to Everton’s trippy masterpiece, the 2022/23 AS Monaco goalkeeper kit follows the minimalistic tone of Stuttgart’s shirts, and is made from light-weight polyester. However, Monaco have decided to delve deeper into the world of abstract simplicity, by keeping the whole shirt the same colour bar narrow strips on the sleeves and hem. 

Towards the bottom of the shirt, the colour is divided up into multi-layered diamond shapes, which fade off like angular ripples into the background. The choice of sponsors “etoro” logo colour on each variation differs ever so slightly, with a silvery-grey emblazoned across the orange of the home Kit and a crisp white chosen for the away, the latter admittedly well suited to its sky-blue background. 

Sponsored by Standard Chartered and made by Nike, Liverpool’s 2022/23 goalkeeper kit is another simplistic design, with the home kit settling into a soft pattern of pale pink and purple ombre. These calming colours are complemented by the material, made entirely from recycled polyester, sitting lightly on the skin to create a cooling effect for the player. The shirt is a Nike template variation, but is regardless a slightly more innovate pattern than in previous years. 

Again, there are no brash splashes of colour included in this design, nor complex patterns. The background colour itself is hardly striking, yet subtly pleasing to the onlooker’s eye. Liverpool’s away kit is even less striking still, going with a traditional-like colour scheme of black and white. The selection of black logos for the home kit and white for away is well chosen, as each flatters the other without harsh contrasts or competition.

Finishing off this catwalk with by no means the least appealing of the bunch is AFC Bournemouth’s 2022/23 goalkeeper kit, which has opted for both patterns and plainness. Bournemouth, sponsored by dafabet, sport a dazzling yellow home kit cut off mid-way across the chest, met by geometric repetitions complex enough to rival the maze of Aldershot’s kit design. 

Bournemouth’s away kit appears overcast compared to the sunny disposition of the home kit, with the same patterns and design being mimicked in a shade of cloudy grey. The tessellations themselves balance out nicely against the simplicity of the bottom half, all laid out across polyester micro eyelet material. 

  1. If you can find any examples of more eco-friendly 2022/23 goalkeeper shirts, or have another shirt you want to show off, let us know on social media!

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